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Now we are at the Third stage of the Project. 

We already know the picture of the Mental Health of our Community, We have hundreds of people under treatment and the emergency stage will be controlled by this time. It's now the moment to bring up the subject, to create awareness about the importance of Mental Health and continue the process of maintenance.


During 12 months time (January 2019 - Decembre 2019), BRACCA MIND will be promoting small events, groups meetings, a series of videos, booklets and printing material to be distributed in school, churches, social events etc.

BRACCA MIND program aims to continue creating awareness and promoting Mental Health among diverse linguistic background communities. 


The cost of the Third stage of this project is one of the hardest parts to execute since the total cost of one year of activities can come up to 20 thousand dollars. Thousands and thousands of people are and will continue being benefited from the program by the end of 2019.


BRACCA MIND is a vital project for thousands of people and can only be run if we get together and join strengths. 

Please, help us to continue with BRACCA MIND


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