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Fourth Stage - FINAL


Consolidation – Presentation of the E-learning to Immigration


BRACCA MIND is a Program developed with a deep base, the goals of the project is not only to provide support for those suffering from Mental Disorder but understand what causes this in their lives.


Throughout the researches and surveys, we came across some statistics which shows us that 47% of people suffering from mental disorders in foreigner communities are International students, of which 83% are Women and 16% Men, however, we know the share of Men are higher than this figures since Men don't share much this kind of emotional hardship.




dados estatisticos da pesquisa BRACCA MI

Based on this information and analysing the responses about their history, we come to a conclusion that these students are coming from their countries Mentally healthy and somehow are developing this kind of emotional instability in Australia. Many aspects can contribute to these scenarios, such as Language barriers, difficulties on the settling process, distance from Family etc. The main factor observed in most of the cases are the Expectation. 

These young students are mostly coming to Australia as consumers of educational services and are arriving in the country with misplaced expectations, throughout their stay here they face a reality totally different than they were expecting or prepared for. 

Adjust of Expectation 

BRACCA MIND Project aims to promote a relevant change in this scenario, by acting in the roots of the problem.

The idea is to reach these people before they arrive in Australia and promote an adjustment of Expectation vs Reality.

We believe that, if these people arrive here aware of what is to come, or what kind of situation or emotions they might be experiencing, they will be more emotionally prepared and will build resilience for this new chapter of their lives.


BRACCA MIND has developed an online platform to be presented to the Australian Immigration, as a suggestion to become a compulsory tool that allows people coming to live in Australia to be conscious about kind of situations they may face through their stay in the Country. Students, migrants and workers preparing to come to Australia, will have the chance to watch, listen and read an online (E-Learning) content in their language. The content will be created by experiences of members of the community which means, made from them to them. Basically contents such as videos, photos, articles and online activities. The user will log into the platform with their passport number and step by step will navigate through the content specially developed for each nationality. The purpose of this content is to have a frank explanation about the reality of the life in Australia, by showing the great points about the Country and the experiences, but also to inform the user about the challenges that immigrants may face when moving to a country far away from their supporting roots.


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