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Founded in 1994, and run by volunteers for the past 24 years, BRACCA is a non-profit organization recognized by both the Brazilian and Australian governments.

Today we are more than 4,000 members, associates, friends and partners in the institution, plus a group of 11 volunteers who are part of the organization's executive committee.

Looking to the future of the Brazilian community in Australia, BRACCA develops a diversity of projects with different types of audiences, such as students, multicultural families, the LGBT community, seniors  and much more.

Our goal is to achieve the union of Brazilians, Australians and the international community through culture and community activities.



You can actively participate in our team and you can also become a member of BRACCA.

As a volunteer, you can participate in events and projects promoted by BRACCA doing what you know, or what you like to do.  Donating a little of your time to BRACCA can make a big difference for us and the community.

Become a volunteer by clicking on the link below.

As a member of BRACCA, you participate in the annual election of the executive committee and can run for positions of trust.

You also have free access to all events and projects that BRACCA will carry out during the year.

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