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First Stage - RESEARCH​

When the Mental Health Issue came to our attention, BRACCA Brought together important members of the community to share they thought about the matter. Representatives from the General-Consulate of Brazil, Religious groups, Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Lawyer, Teachers, Educational Agents and International School Representatives discussed the Mental Health of people from Diverse linguistic background. 

At the occasion, together we established the scope of the Program:


  1. Measuring the scale of the Problem through a comprehensive Research (Survey with more than 20 questions to assess the emotional state of each participant); ✔     

  2. Spread the word and get more people involved, in order to reunite the more information possible and give even more base to the development of the program; ✔

  3. Find volunteer partners to help in the execution of the program; ✔

  4. Present the Concluded project to professionals (Psychiatrist and Psychologists) and promote necessary adjustments; ✔

  5. Launch the Research. ✔


More than 1000 people responded to the Survey
Broad Community participation
More than 20 Volunteers involved
Program running since August 2018
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