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BRACCA is a non-profit institution that over 24 years promotes the Brazilian culture and free social programs that supports members of our community in Australia.

100% managed by volunteers, the NGO comply with regular costs such as rent of storage, software licenses, compulsory insurance, office expenses and taxes.

Where does the money come from?

The only source of income of the institution, are the events, donations from people of our community, members and sponsors. All the money generated at our events are 100% allocated to the payment of these expenses and the balance is always reinvested in the institution.

What about the Government Support?


BRACCA does not receive any regular financial support from any government, for this reason donations are vital for the continuation of BRACCA's activities

How to contribute?


To contribute, you can make donations, become a volunteer or share our activities on social networks so more people can have access to BRACCA's FREE services or to contribute with our community.

Want to know more about

our finances, visit:

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