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second  Stage - EMERGENCY​

Through the survey, we could need  the size and the intensity of the issue in our community.

2018 is being a hard year for the Brazilian Community in Australia. The Mental Health of our countrymen is deteriorating and terrifying events such as suicide is growing every month taking the lives of dozens of people every year.


The First Stage of BRACCA MIND has condensed a huge number of People needing  urgent Psychological Support. Through the Survey, more than 200 people have responded that are suffering from Emotional Disorders and need urgent help.  


This Current Second stage of the BRACCA MIND Program is designated to give support for all these more than 200 requests and any other people that eventually come  later on  needing help.  



This Emergency stage is being voluntarily executed with the help of the BPsych , a Sydney based Psychological Clinic. With 5 locations, users of BRACCA MIND are being helped by the team of Angelica and Gabriela Bilibio. Two Sisters, BRACCA's volunteers who are joining strengths in order to Help members  of our  community, suffering  from Mental Disorders.  


But unfortunately , this is not enough. As mentioned above, the waiting list counts with more than 200 people needing urgent help. If you are a Registered Psychologist and wish to contribute to the Program, please contact us through the form below.  


thank you 

Thanks! Message sent.

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