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BRACCA MIND is a mental health program that provides affordable psychological support for Portuguese-speaking communities in Australia.
The program

BRACCA MIND is a non-for-profit program that provides professional and confidential Mental Health care for the Portuguese-speaking community (Portuguese, Brazilians, East Timorense, Angolan, Cape Verdean, Mozambican, Macaense, Goan and more).

Developed and run by volunteers of the Brazilian Community Council of Australia (a.k.a BRACCA), BRACCA MIND was developed due the high demand of people from diverse backgrounds suffering from mental health issues, specifically young immigrants and international students living in Australia.

We have witnessed a growing number of suicides, domestic violence, psychological abuse, and a huge wave of we have of people in the community suffering from mental health issues. With this awareness, BRACCA Mind, as the official representative of the Brazilian community in Australia took the lead to bring our society together and fight for these causes.



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Understanding the proportion of the current Mental Health scenario of our community through comprehensive research.


With the information gathered, the emergency stage aims to support people in high risk and provide treatment.

Prevention Activities

Prevention Activities is a fun and creative way to create awareness and ignites the discussion about mental health.

Final Stage

The aim of BRACCA MIND is to bring awareness to the government and society about Mental health issues among communities with Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 


BRACCA does not recommend, endorse or make any representation about the efficacy, appropriateness or suitability of any specific treatments, services or health care providers or other information that may be contained on or available through this website. 

Many of the health professionals affiliated with BRACCA Mind are independent practitioners. As a result, BRACCA is not responsible for the care provided by these practitioners and recommends that users exercise their own skill and care with respect to their use of this service.

For emergency situations, please contact the following support services:

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We need your support

We know that it is impossible to achieve the desired result if we don’t work together, the help of some important channels of our society, such as NFP institutions, religious groups, Government, schools and agencies are extremely important to effectively make some changes in this terrifying scenario. 

BRACCA MIND is a non-for-profit program and doesn't receive any funds from any institution or government. 

We are now at the second stage of the program and we need to join forces to help all these people needing psychological assistance. We have more than 200 people waiting to be reached for the second stage of the program, including  people at risk.

Right now, we are counting with the kind support of volunteers psychologists of Bilibio Psychology - Bpsych Clinic, but the program goes beyond only psychological consultation, many vital activities are part of the project such as, specific support for  the LGBTQ+ community, support groups, social events, workshops and mental health psychoeducation materials.
We would really appreciate your assistance in helping us execute this project.


For more information:

The Program is divided into Four Stages

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Our former President, Cherich Dorattioti and secretary Marcelo Andrade, in an interview with SBS Radio on Sunday  - 10/07/2018
Interview conducted by  Beatriz Wagner.
Understand how The BRACCA MIND Program works
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