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  BRACCA projects are
all created and directed
by volunteers.

Meet and join! 


BRACCA MIND is a non-profit program that offers easy access to mental health care for the Portuguese-speaking community (Portuguese, Brazilian, Timorese, Angolan, Cape Verdean, Mozambican, Macanese, Goan and others).


BRACCA MIND was developed by volunteers due to the high demand of people from different backgrounds who suffer from some mental or emotional problem, mostly young immigrants and international students living in Australia.

As the official and recognized representative of the Brazilian community in Australia, BRACCA has taken the lead in uniting our society in the struggle for personal well-being.


BRACCA MIND consists of 4 stages:

  1. Research and understanding of the case

  2. Provision of emergency treatment in high-risk cases

  3. Activities aimed at preventing future problems

  4. Referral to government program


To take advantage of the BRACCA MIND program, simply fill out our form by clicking on the button
below, and tell us  a little more about your history and one of our volunteers will get in touch as soon as possible.

We also have HELPLINE, an Australian government channel, calling on 13 11 14.


The number of people seeking care and emotional and psychological support is increasing every week. That's why your help is very important for us to keep this project running with agility and speed in the appointments schedule and patients don't have to wait a long time to be seen.


Get in touch using the form below or by email, and be a partner! 


"Dividing is the best way to multiply"


BRACKS  – Bracca  community  Knowledge Share – is a program that seeks to integrate members of our community through short courses and workshops.

Anyone can get in touch to teach the workshop, in various areas such as Dance, Personal Promotion (Linkedin, Curricula etc), Musical instruments, Baristas, Photography, Singing, Choir, Capoeira, History of, Australia, Yoga, introduction to Construction , Finance among others.

The workshops are created and taught by volunteers, members of our community, seeking to improve our fellow countrymen. A fun and free way to share knowledge, make friends and learn something else.

Join us, as a teacher or student, because "divide is always the best way to multiply".

For more information, send an email to  or register through PLATFORMA BRACCA, where you can already send us a detailed summary of your project, so that we can assess its feasibility and then help your proposal gain proportion.


The BRACCA PLATFORM was created by BRACCA as a way to make the community's social projects become a reality.

Anyone from the Brazilian community in Australia, who has ideas for holding an event, or project, or workshop, can count on BRACCA's help.

Using a form, BRACCA assesses the project, and then meetings will be held to analyze the feasibility of carrying out the project.

If you have any ideas, fill out the form by clicking on the button below, and wait for our contact.

BRACCA is pleased to help you carry out your project!


BRACCA BUSINESS, currently coordinated by Marione Pinheiro (BRACCA volunteer), is a channel that aims to connect Brazilian entrepreneurs in Australia and provide an exchange of experience and exchange of services between them.

During the meetings held throughout the year, entrepreneurs, whether small or large, have the chance to create a network, make new partnerships, exchange experiences, in addition to spending pleasant hours with fun people.

Pay attention to the BRACCA BUSINESS meeting schedule at the link:


In the classifieds section, you can find out what our partners have to offer by clicking on the XXXXXXXXX link


BRACCA RAINBOW was created to support the LBGT community in Australia. Created by and taught by volunteers, BRACCA RAINBOW has been gaining audience and respect throughout the Brazilian community and not just among homosexuals.


SAMBA is a project that was born from the will of volunteer Brazilians to express their feelings through art.

They are products made with love, by Brazilians who want to leave a mark in the form of gratitude for the opportunity to be living on the other side of the world.

SAMBA has t-shirts and gifts that deeply express the feelings of Brazilians.

You can buy online and have your t-shirt or gift delivered to your home.

Place your order and transmit love!

Access the SAMBA page by clicking on the button below:

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